We’re on a Roll

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Is there anything cooler than a brand new bus with a giant gator on the side?  I think not.  I was so happy to see all of you at the bus unveiling last Friday morning.  The best part was seeing the excitement on the kids’ faces.  Even if they’re too young to articulate it, they understood that bus was a giant symbol of what we’re all about at Grace.

First, it represents the support of our parents, whose generosity made the purchase of the buses and the beautiful wraps possible. I often tell people the Grace School families are our best assets.  It is through your support that we were able to turn this dream into a reality.

Second, the buses represent Grace School’s commitment to keeping our kids safe.  I had too many conversations to count with bus companies explaining to me why three-point seatbelts would only add to the cost and that kids would never wear them anyway.  They don’t know our kids and they certainly didn’t understand how important safety is to us.   When our kindergartners boarded the bus for the first time, without any prompting, they hopped in their seats and buckled up.  How adorable is that?

Third, the bus is wrapped in gator prb11ide.  That’s not always easy to define.  But you know it when you see it and you can certainly feel it.  From the Grace School logo boldly displayed on each side to Chomp, the school mascot, posed and full of school spirit, it’s a reminder of just how special our community is.    It’s a reminder that not a year goes by that we aren’t looking for ways to enhance our students’ experience at Grace.

Many of you might have gotten a chance to see the gentleman skillfully maneuvering the bus through the parking lot.  That’s Michael Tucker, our new transportation coordinator.  Mr. Tucker is a former navy man who now holds a commercial drivers license with passenger endorsement.  He’ll take care of bus maintenance, scheduling and transporting our kids to sporting events and field trips.  Yes, we’re ready to roll.

Can you imagine what the faculty, staff and students who established this school 40 years ago would think of us today?  The better question might be, can you imagine what the faculty, staff and students 40 years from now will have to say about us?  I think they’ll see a generation of gators devoted to Christ, committed to kids and enthusiastically ready to take on the world.