The mission of Grace School is to provide a rigorous educational program that embraces the teachings of Jesus Christ in a safe and inclusive environment.

The Grace School Parents' Club strives to foster: 

  • Preparation for success with the academic challenges that await them. 
  • Help and guidance to develop strong character.
  • Providing students a wide range of opportunities in athletics, the arts, and extracurricular activities.
  • Encouragement in the development of leadership.
  • Support for our students on their journey from childhood to young adulthood.

In partnership with the leaders at Grace School:

  • We Believe….
    • teaching and learning should be relevant, current, and rigorous.
    • teachers should have a deep understanding of the developmental level of their students.
    • effective educators are committed, self-motivated, courageous and intentional.
    • it is paramount to foster the growth of the mind, body, and spirit.
    • leadership is shared by all and collaboration is used to advocate, nurture, and sustain an effective instructional program.
    • in school-initiated family and community relationships.
    • in developing the God-given gifts, talents and uniqueness of each individual.

Founded in 1975, Grace School offers a curriculum emphasizing the core academic subjects as well as a unique Christian studies program. The School also offers band, music, fine arts, and competitive sports. Additionally, the School provides comprehensive student healthcare resources, including a health center directed by a registered nurse and a counseling program headed by a licensed school counselor.