Ignite Inspire Excel

Thriving in a world that is changing with
advancements beyond imagination

At Grace School, we are committed to igniting a passion for learning, inspiring creative and out-of-the-box thinking and motivating our students to excel through a dynamic curriculum.

Mission Innovation, our 2018-19 Annual Fund campaign, will help support updating and introducing new technology and enhancing classroom environments.

We invite you to help us achieve our mission by contributing to our 2018-19 Annual Fund. Contributions can be made online by clicking here or mailed or dropped off at the school’s front reception desk.

Mission Objective:

Virtual Globe

The virtual globe allows students to move freely around a three-dimensional virtual environment of our world. Students can discover information about man-made features, geographical and demographic information. The content is created by some of the most prestigious institutions in the world: NASA, The World Bank and many more. schools around the world are making these virtual globes standard classroom equipment and studies show this type of learning, increases comprehension by 16%.

Mission Objective:

Flexible Classrooms

Today’s classrooms are being transformed with flexible furnishings designed to create powerful learning environments. By utilizing a wide assortment of seating and work surfaces, we can reconfigure classrooms to support shared discussion areas, one-on-one zones as well as maximizing the impact of new technology.

Mission Objective:

zSpace: Virtual/Augmented Reality Platform

zSpace is a virtual/augmented reality platform that allows students to interact directly with objects in the computer. Students learn periodic tables; examine molecular structures and explore the vastness of space. Special glasses, calibrated to cameras uncover a virtual landscape designed for experimentation. The possibilities of zSpace provide a never-ending learning experience.

Mission Objective:

iPad: From Old to Bold

As part of our Mission Innovation, we are seeking to augment the number of iPads available for students.  iPads provide students the opportunities to be bold in building multimedia projects, accessing unlimited resources, and engaging in the digital world.

Mission Objective:

Newline TruTouch Interactive Display

As part of our Mission Innovation, we are seeking to replace and update presentation technology in the classroom with the Newline TruTouch interactive display screens.  The Trutouch offers greater interactivity, collaborative opportunities, and the ability to present dynamic and engaging content to our students.