Active Collaborative Flexible

We invite you to a peek of the classroom of the future.

We Invite You, our 2019-20 Annual Fund campaign, will help support updating and introducing new classroom furniture enhancing our classroom environments.

We invite you to help us achieve our mission by contributing to our 2019-20 Annual Fund. Contributions can be made online by clicking here or mailed or dropped off at the school’s front reception desk.

An Active Classroom

Children develop through play and movement! Active seating and furniture encourages a child’s natural movements. Providing chairs that absorb rather than restrict movement, increasing the ability for children to concentrate while learning.

The Collaborative Classroom

Learning is social! Whether it’s peer to peer or larger groups, team collaboration is now the norm. A student centered classroom has furnishings that gives children more time to think about, talk about and process information together.

A Flexible Classroom

Life is full of choices! A Flexible classroom allows teachers to quickly reconfigure furniture and encourages independence as students decide how they learn best. Options to sit, stand, kneel, wiggle or rock increase achievement for all types of learners.