Goldilocks and the Private School Tale

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As admission season begins for the 2017-2018 academic school year, you dream of a school that will satisfy your highest of expectations. You envision your child at a school that will suit your family’s needs. You schedule tours and visitations.

Just like the timeless tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, you have options: schools that offer a range of flavors, seasonings, and comfort. Unlike Goldilocks’ rash thinking and intrusive mindset, it is wise of you to “taste the porridge, test the height of the chairs, and hunt for the most comfortable bed” at each school. Intrude. It’s the only way you’ll get a true sense of that “just right” fit.

When I meet with families during their private tours of the Grace School campus and classrooms, we don’t just look. We taste, test, and hunt. We won’t just walk into classrooms; we interact with students, teachers and parents.

In our Maker’s Spaces and STEM Labs, I’ll encourage you to pick up one of our circuit boards, and you’ll tinker with snap circuits to turn on a laser light. You’ll interact with our youngest students as they use ping pong balls to create process art. I’ll introduce you to parents, and you’ll get a chance to ask them questions about Grace School. I won’t just give you the stats on our Grace graduates and their top picks of high schools; you’ll ask students directly how Grace is preparing them for the high school admissions process and curriculum.

Pay attention to how the school environment and your interactions make you feel. Do you feel comfortable? Excited? Are you having fun? You can easily analyze the strength of a school’s academic program from the accreditations, credentials, and curriculum posted on their website. It’s more difficult to pick up on a school’s culture and climate without stepping foot on campus and experiencing it for yourself. Ask questions. Ask for clarification. Ask to see every nook and cranny.

Leave knowing you have a true sense of the school’s beliefs and values.

Set up your private tours, test the waters, and you will soon find a school that feels “just right.”

To schedule your private tour of Grace School, contact Nicole Humlicek at 713-267-8705 or email