To provide a rigorous educational program that embraces the teachings of Jesus Christ in a safe and inclusive environment.



The Grace School Committee is made up of men and women who are members of the Grace Presbyterian Church. The role of the members is to support and guide the school as an extension of the Christian Education Program of Grace Presbyterian Church. The members, upon recommendation of the Senior Pastor and approval of the Grace Presbyterian Session, serve as the policy arm of Grace School. The functions of the Grace School Committee include establishing policy and ensuring the proper operation of Grace School.  The Chair of the School Committee shall be a member of Grace Presbyterian Church, shall be appointed annually by the Session, and shall moderate the Executive Subcommittee.  The Secretary shall be the assistant to the Head of School and shall be responsible for keeping an up-to-date record of permanent minutes as well as an up-to-date statement of policy.



  • Veronica Braden
  • Brenda De La Rosa
  • Matt Greenway
  • Jerry Hanlon
  • Jonathan Kalaher
  • Tom Prisk
  • Sarah Williams
  • Greg Zuanich