Dr. Liz Walgamuth has been educating children for nearly three decades. For Dr. Walgamuth this hasn’t been a career path, it has been her passion and life’s work. Her love of learning and children developed when she was just a young girl growing up in Iowa. Even as a child Dr. Walgamuth appreciated that knowledge fuels confidence, independence and opportunity.

“At Grace we excel in building a bridge between vision and organizational reality.”

Dr. Liz

After graduating from the University of Iowa with a degree in Education, Dr. Walgamuth spent the next 13 years in the classroom teaching third grade.  She then earned a Master’s Degree in Education Technology from the University of Northern Iowa and became a Technology Director for the local school district.

After only a couple of years, Dr. Walgamuth realized she missed what mattered most: her students. She founded the organization “LIFT,” Leaders in Future Technology, where she prepared students for the digital age long before most realized the information revolution had arrived.

Dr. Walgamuth went on to complete her Certificate of Administration at Drake University in Des Moines and was quickly recruited by Fort Bend Independent School District to become an Assistant Principal and eventually Principal. Her move to Texas also landed her at the University of Houston where she earned a Doctorate in Education and a Superintendent Certificate.

Nearly a decade ago, Dr. Walgamuth was invited to join the team at Grace as Head of School. She was attracted to the opportunity of focusing on student learning. She also looked forward to building on the Grace School legacy by putting a plan in place to create a dynamic learning space.

Today Dr. Walgamuth is focusing on giving back and having a larger impact on the community. Her dream is to create a Professional Development Institute for educators across the greater Houston area to take advantage of the academic excellence Grace School provides and share it with their students. Dr. Walgamuth lives by the scripture, “to whom much is given, much is required.”

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